So, I guess this is where I talk about myself. To start off, I am a follower of Jesus Christ and there is no denying it! His love for me has made me who I am today, and He is guiding me daily. I am nothing without Him. My rock.

Another thing about me is that I am currently a college student and wannabe dental assistant. Crossing my fingers that the opportunity would become available.. But it’s all in Gods hands.

Also, I am an aspiring photographer. I am one of those people who, when driving, imagines perfect pictures that could be taken in the landscape I am passing. Unfortunately, I am new to this so any tips or tricks would be appreciated. 🙂

DIY’s are my FAVORITE. I love crafts. So much. Much fun. Especially when it comes to decorating my room.

Pinterest is my obsession and I am a wannabe good runner. Im average but its so rewarding finishing a good run and feeling good about yourself.

I want this blog to be inspiring, crafty, and capturing; all of which describe who I am, and what I love!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Good morning! Thank you for checking out my blog. I’ve really enjoyed your writing and hearing your heart for God’s word. Do not let anyone ever try to convince you to follow anything but Him! I’m now in my 40’s and I’m so very grateful that He called me to Himself when I was only 8. And He never let go even when I tried really hard to run from Him. I will never do that again, by the way. 😉 Correction! I pray continually that I will never do that again. I am telling you all this because I am so encouraged by your words and am committing to pray for you. May you see Him every day and continually listen to His whispers and soak in His Word as much as possible. He will guide you as to the how. I look forward to meeting you some sweet day when we all kneel before our precious Jesus.

    • Oh thank you so much! I read your “about” page and my mom recently had to go gluten free due to health issues, so I can understand your struggle a little bit. But I love how you’ve turned to God in the midst of hard times. Its inspiring! Bless you dear!

  2. Hi Amber! Love ‘meeting’ other Christian teens who share similar interests! Check out my blog at: maymaydiary.wordpress.com

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