let’s happy dance together //

Hey guys!

I finished my last final for the semester today and I am JUMPING FOR JOY. Lets all just pause and do a quick happy dance! If you’re not done with school yet, YOU CAN DO IT. Your happy dance can be a motivating one. It’s funny that the moment I walked out of class today I felt like I could breathe again. With summer approaching I’ve got my eyes on adventure and I’m sure you do too! I am going to try to be blogging weekly so stay tuned friends. As for this post, since it’s a happy day, here are some happy things that make me want to dance today. (I’m not a good dancer. I’m the kind that dances like a total weirdo!)

My neighbor shared his lilacs with me, but he doesn’t know it. (He’s so nice, he won’t mind)

Target has a REALLY cute dollar section right now. Seriously so many cute stationary items. (Stamp pads, Mod Podge, stamps, pens and chalkboard paper.)

Flowers are blooming! Yes, another flower picture but I am in awe of God’s creation! Beautiful. Sorry, I did buy these, but they did bloom!

So I get excited over the littlest things, but most importantly I want to happy dance because God is so good. I honestly couldn’t have gone through the school year without Him leading the way. He opened doors for me to walk through, and closed tough doors, but it was all in His plan.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24

What made you do a little happy dance today? Comment below!!

You are loved!